Organisation structure

Board & Committees

Jean Francois Desvaux de Marigny

Independent Chairman

Vincent Grimond

Independent non-executive Director

Jean-Michel Pitot

CEO of Attitude Hotels

Vincent Desvaux de Marigny

Deputy CEO

Deenesh Seedoyal

Executive Director

Michel Guy Rivalland

Non-Executive Director

Armelle Bourgault Du Coudray

Non-Executive Director

Didier Merven

Non-Executive Director

Jitendra Bissessur

Non-executive director

Béatrice Maigrot

Non-executive director

Casey Jorgensen

Independent Non Executive Director & Chairperson (ARC)

Marina Harel

Alternate director to Armelle Bourgault

Senior Management

Jean-Michel Pitot

Chief Executive Officer

Vincent DESVAUX de Marigny

Deputy CEO

Deenesh Seedoyal

Chief Financial Officer

Ravin Unthiah

Chief Officer-Hotel Operations

Dominique Lee Mo Lin

Chief Officer-General & Support Services

Kannen Packiry Poullé

Chief Human Resources Officer

Raymond Duvergé

Chief Sales Officer

Clémentine Katz

Chief Marketing Officer

Laurent Bourgault du Coudray

Chief Officer- Business Development