Made in Moris label granted to Attitude

In September 2019, Attitude group achieved a major milestone by obtaining the “Made in Moris” label, being the first company in the Hotel Service industry to be certified. In 2013, the Association of Mauritian Manufacturers created the “Made in Moris” label to promote the local manufacturing sector and consolidate the Mauritian entrepreneurial ecosystem. 250 brands across different industries are concerned.

The Made in Moris team, supported by SGS Maurice, evaluated the Customer Experience at Attitude and its local footprint. Made in Moris emphasizes that authenticity and Mauritian identity also called “Mauricianisme” are inherent to the group Attitude’s DNA, inscribed in its values and its modus operandi. The group promotes inclusive economic activity.

According to Made in Moris, Attitude is an innovative brand. It has broken the codes of the traditional hotel industry by offering to it guests various historical, cultural, culinary or linguistic “Otentik Attitude Experiences”. Attitude’s brand is without any doubt contributing to enhance Mauritian authenticity.

In this context and following the grant of the “Made in Moris” label, Attitude has created a fund to support local entrepreneurs. Their economic activities must not only be eco-responsible but carried out in accordance with Attitude’s values and contributing to the creation of jobs.


Since December 2017, all Attitude Hotels have received the Travelife Gold Award, a program honoring their ongoing efforts in environmental and social responsibility as well as Green Attitude Foundation's initiatives: water conservation, the Group's commitment to local communities and the Otentik Attitude experiences that value local traditions and craftsmanship.

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