All Attitude Hotels are certified as Made in Moris

Made in Moris is the well-known label that certifies the local origin of a product or a service.

This label was created in 2013 by the Association of Mauritian Manufacturers to boost the Mauritian industry and promote the expertise, skills and talent in Mauritius.

Attitude Hotels became the first hotel company (and is still the only one) to be certified as Made in Moris when the label was opened to the service industry.

To obtain the label, the Attitude Group had to meet precise specifications and clear objectives. These included promoting Mauritian expertise and protecting local jobs.

Supported by SGS Maurice, the Made in Moris team evaluated the Attitude customer experience, as well as the local footprint of all our hotels and all business partnerships behind it.

It is our commitment to share our local culture, to promote the talents of our fellow citizens and to prioritise the businesses on our island that have helped us earn the label.

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Since 2017, all Attitude Hotels have been certified Travelife Gold in recognition of its commitment to sustainable development.

Our hotels have been rewarded for their continuous efforts in terms of environmental and social responsibility through various actions to reduce water and energy consumptions but also wastes production and the use of chemicals.

Travelife also rewarded our promotion of the local culture, and our support of the local economy as much as possible.

We are committed to our fellow Mauritian citizens, especially those with fewer opportunities, through various projects financed by our Green Attitude Foundation and our Otentik Investment Ltd fund. Konpoz to Lamizik, is one good example. Created by Attitude, it is becoming a popular music competition. We are happy to give a boost to Mauritian musical talents, to sponsor creativity, giving the younger generation the opportunity to progress, to record their best compositions and benefit from professional coaching. We also have our Marine Discovery Centre, an educational and interactive center whose purpose is to show and protect the treasures of the island’s lagoons as well as support the Anse la Raie lagoon ecological restoration project.

We are labeled Made in Moris. We are committed to protect our cultural and environmental heritage and act as a responsible economic player with strong local roots. We pledge for a more sustainable tourism, leaving a positive impact on Mauritius. In 2019, we opened Lagoon Attitude, our first eco-committed hotel and since 1st November 2020, all our hotels offer a zero single-use plastic experience to our guests.

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